General Chair

Ishita Trivedi


Ishita is serving as the General Chair for the ANS 2020 Student Conference. She received a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and North Carolina State University, respectively. She is currently working on a PhD in Nuclear Engineering at NC State and aims to defend her thesis in December 2020. Her research is focused on  “Uncertainty Quantification for Safety Analysis of Lead-cooled Fast Reactor Systems”. While at NC State, she received the Graduate Merit Award and the Provost Doctoral Fellowship. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring museums, running, baking bread, and learning to cook dishes from various cuisines.


Technical Program Chair

Joseph Cope


Joseph is serving as the Technical Program Chair for the ANS 2020 Student Conference. He received a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering in 2016, Master of Nuclear Engineering in 2017, and his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering in December 2019. As a graduate student, Joseph was a Consortium for Nonproliferation Enabling Capabilities (CNEC) Fellow studying radiological emergency response air sampling methods. He has participated in a variety of internship programs throughout his academic career including Newport News Shipbuilding, Idaho National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Naval Nuclear Laboratory and the Remote Sensing Laboratory.



Cameron Maras


Cameron serves as the Treasurer for the ANS 2020 Student Conference. He is a Masters Candidate in Nuclear Engineering (ABM) operating under the NRC Graduate Fellowship in Nuclear Engineering (GFINE) 2019-2020 within the Reactor Dynamics and Fuel Modeling Group (RDFMG).  His research focus is into applying Reinforcement Learning and Machine Learning to reactor core design optimization. Beyond school and work, he is interested in sailing, traveling, hiking, and classical art.




Anna Isom, Jacob Weinberg




ANS Adviser: Brandon Hunter

Faculty Advisers: Lisa Marshall, Robert Hayes