General Chair

Ishita Trivedi


Ishita is serving as the General Chair for the ANS 2020 Student Conference. She received a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and North Carolina State University, respectively. She is currently working on a PhD in Nuclear Engineering at NC State and aims to defend her thesis in December 2020. Her research is focused on  “Uncertainty Quantification for Safety Analysis of Lead-cooled Fast Reactor Systems”. While at NC State, she received the Graduate Merit Award and the Provost Doctoral Fellowship. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring museums, running, and learning to cook.

Program Chair

Edward Chen



Edward is serving as the Technical Program Chair for the ANS 2021 Student Conference. Graduating with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2019, he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering. He is currently engaged in research in autonomous nuclear control systems and is working as a collaborator on the Nearly Autonomous Management And Control (NAMAC) project under NCSU and ARPA-e. Research aside, Edward enjoys travelling, painting, and modern art.


Finance Co-Chair 

Jacob A. Weinberg


Jacob serves as the Finance Co-Chair for the ANS 2020 National Conference. He is a senior participating in the Accelerated Bachelors to Master’s Program (ABM). His research interests include radiological air monitoring and nuclear non-proliferation safeguarding techniques. Outside of academics, Jacob is a cadet in Air Force ROTC and enjoys working out, climbing, and playing hockey.

Finance Co-Chair

Sarah Ebert


Sarah Ebert is serving as one of the two Finance Co-Chairs.  A transfer student with a background in environmental engineering, Sarah is now a senior in nuclear engineering with a minor in mathematics and is on track to join the Accelerated Bachelors-Masters program.  Her research involves neutronic analysis using MCNP for experiments in the NC State PULSTAR, and she hopes to work with fuels and reactor design in the future.  When not studying, she enjoys tutoring math, playing with her rock band, and watching hockey.




NC State ANS Student Chapter Co-Adviser

Lisa Marshall

Lisa is serving as the NC State ANS Student Chapter co-adviser. She is the Director of Outreach, Retention & Engagement and adviser for NC State’s Nuclear Engineering as well as a lecturer (energy geographies & introduction to engineering & problem solving).. A member of ANS National since 2005, Lisa is currently on the Board of Directors. She is a former chair of the Education, Training & Workshop Development Division (ETWDD) and current technical program committee member for the ANS Conference on Nuclear Training & Education (CONTE). A graduate of Carleton University, NC State University & the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; her research interests include energy studies, engineering education & geographic information science (GIS).

NC State ANS Student Chapter Co-Adviser

Dr. Robert Hayes

Dr. Hayes is an associate professor of nuclear engineering at NC State teaching courses in nuclear waste management, health physics and the fundamentals of radiation and reactors. His research is in retrospective dosimetry and radiological air monitoring. He is also a certified health physicist, a licenced professional engineer, a fellow of the American Physical Society and holds a joint faculty appointment with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Prior to coming to NC State, he worked in radiological emergency response and transuranic waste disposal.

ANS Student Chapter Liaison

Bree Bennet


We thank these individuals for their contributions to planning the 2020 ANS conference, which was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cameron Maras

2020 Finance Chair

Joseph Cope

2020 Programs Chair


Brandon Hunter

2019-2020 ANS Student Chapter President