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Summaries including research, internship projects, senior design projects, and nuclear policy are invited. Authors are REQUIRED to use the ANS Template provided on the ANS website. See or to find paper and poster templates


Summaries must be submitted electronically using Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files of original Microsoft Word documents. Find our submission portal via ANS’s Electronic Paper Submission (EPSR) and Review System at On, scroll to find the link to the conference. The maximum length for submissions is four pages. The deadline is February 1st, 11:59 PM CST.


Accelerator Applications $
Fusion Energy & Plasmas
Operations & Power $
Advanced Reactors
Human Factor, Instrumentation & Controls $
Radiation Protection & Shielding $
Aerospace Nuclear Science & Tech +

Isotopes & Radiation $
Reactor Physics $
Biology and Medicine $
Material Science & Technology $+
Robotics & Remote Systems
Decommissioning & Environ. Sciences
Mathematics & Computation
International Safeguards $

Detection & Measurement
Thermal Hydraulics & Fluids
Cyber-Physical Security $
Nuclear Nonproliferation
Nuclear Criticality Safety +
Fuel Cycle & Waste Management $
Nuclear Installations Safety $

$ = Cash prize available for best paper or presentation. Sponsored by professional ANS divisions and INMM Northeast Chapter.
+ = Funding to present paper at the next ANS Winter Meeting.
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