The travel assistance program seeks to limit the cost of students attending the ANS Student Conference. However there is no guarantee that the Student Conference will be able to provide complete travel reimbursement.


Travel Assistance Instructions

  1. Compile all eligible travel receipts.
  2. Scan the receipts into ONE .pdf document.
  3. Put all receipts from each person together, so that no more than one person’s┬áreceipts are on a single page. Multiple pages for a single person are acceptable.
  4. Clearly label each receipt with the responsible person’s name.
  5. Complete the Assistance Spreadsheet for your entire section.
  6. Email one complete application per student section to by Friday, April 24, 2020.

Travel Assistance Stipulations

  1. To be eligible, all students receiving assistance must have stayed in the conference hotel (Raleigh Marriott City Center).
  2. No amount is guaranteed for travel assistance. The amount provided to each student section is dependent upon the final fundraising for the conference and the number of eligible attendees that apply for assistance.
  3. For international flights, the highest possible assistance will be capped at the highest requested domestic travel assistance awarded.
  4. Only one travel assistance check will be issued to each student section. Please compile your expenses after the conference and submit only one application for all students requesting assistance in your section. If you attend a school without an ANS student section, you can still apply for assistance, but please consolidate into one application for your school.
  5. A formal application will be made available at the conclusion of the 2020 ANS Student Conference.
  6. Please see the following allowed expenses that will be covered.

Examples of what may be covered:

  • Airline tickets
  • Bus fees, including individual tickets or driver fees
  • Gasoline receipts

Examples of what will not be covered:

  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Rebooking or cancellation fees
  • Registration fees
  • Non-student travel expenses